Affording a Cup of Coffee in 20 years. Ready for it?

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A Cup of life every day in the morning? Oh! Yeah, why not? Bringing us back to the reality from the land of the dead is a good deed. NO NO, we are not saying, to be caffeine addicts, but sometimes it’s okay to sip it up and get going with life and work. But how ‘wallet-friendly’ is our morning coffee? Ever thought about it? Come, let’s find out. Here:

Time-Machine, please!

Gear it up! An era of 1996 and you are just paying 7 INR for a cup of delicious coffee around the corner.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Hop on to 2014 and the same cup of coffee is 80 INR. Now, that’s what we call a hike of 14% a year. Thanks to inflation! With India being somewhere (7-8 (last 10 years)) % on an average, a cup of coffee is set to become dearer as the time pass.

Most of us are spoiling ourselves for the endless choices we have in coffee. Not to miss, global coffee brands are almost done with their shop set-up. Here’s looking at you Barista, Starbucks, Costa, and others.

Whilst their entry in the Indian market is making us a strong economy globally, it also means that we’ll be paying much more for our beloved coffee. With an increase in the prices of Costa and Starbucks, others are almost on their way to follow the same. And this brings us back to our evergreen question:

Affording a Cup of Coffee in 20 years. Ready for it?

The answer will be – you’ll cling on your favorite coffee with no time-limit, and this habit will cost you good money. Good Luck!

Perhaps, there is a way out. If you start taking care of your investments and start maintaining a balance between your expense and savings, you might just afford a cup of coffee in 20 years and so forth! The temptations of coffee can never go, Right?

Phew! Imagine if this is the state of buying a cup of coffee, how will you manage to bear the heavy expenses? For that, you need to invest wisely. How about getting in touch with Gulaq for some of the tax free mutual funds?


Disclaimer: Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme documents carefully before investing. 

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