Axis Focused 25 Fund Review

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Axis 25 fund Review

About Axis Mutual Funds 

Dated in October 2009, Axis bank launched its first scheme, thus, welcoming themselves with remarkable growth in the market. Their success was attributed to three main principles: customer view, long-term relationship, and long-term capital appreciation. The goal of Axis Mutual Fund is to deliver state-of-the-art investment and financial solutions, thus, enabling confidence through financial security amongst the customers. Precisely, goal-oriented investing is on top-notch over un-planned parking of funds.  

Features of Axis Mutual Funds 

Before investing in axis bank mutual funds schemes, let’s figure out the pros of the same. Here:  

  • Full transparency and commitment to take ownership. 
  • Axis Bank Mutual Funds go beyond the call-of-duty and do every rightful thing regardless of anyone watching. 
  • Reliability, forgiving, and grateful is their goals.  
  • Prefer talking in the language of the investor. 
  • Enduring wealth creation at every level. 
  • The availability of axis bank customer care at every point of time.  


About Axis Focused 25 Fund  

It is an equity mutual fund scheme that was launched by Axis mutual fund. Later on, it was introduced on 29th June 2012 to its investors. Currently, the fund is managed by Jinesh GopaniThe objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in concentrated portfolio of equity & equity-related instruments.   

Statistics of Axis Focused 25 Fund  

  • Risk Level: The fund growth is rated as moderately high. Suitable for investors who are looking for capital growth in long-term.  
  • RedemptionMinimum redemption amount is INR 1000 or 100 units. 
  • Fund Manager: Since June 2016, the scheme is being managed by Jinesh Gopani 
  • Entry and Exit LoadIf units are redeemed within a year, 1% exit load is charged from the allotted date. No exit load is charged beyond a year. 

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Axis Focused 25 Fund Summary 

Axis Focused 25 Fund Summary

Axis Focused 25 Top Holdings 

Axis Focused 25 Fund Top Holdings

How to Invest in Axis Focused 25 Fund with Gulaq?  

Whether you are a budding investor or a veteran investor in the mutual fund domain, investing in AXIS is made hassle-free with Gulaq. All you need to do is:   

 NOTE: Also, KYC with Gulaq is FREE.  


*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.


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