Best Books on Mutual fund.!! 

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Best Books on Mutual fund

We all make some investment at some point of time, whether it’s in real estate, gold or other traditional form of investment. But there are various other modern investing avenues such as bonds, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Investing in a mutual fund is a simple and easy thing. But if anyone who wants to make serious money in the market, then it’s better to read some good books to get a perspective. Any individual, who is willing to invest in mutual fund, must have a thorough knowledge of mutual fund and the global financial market in general. The greater knowledge about investments along with mutual funds & stocks to be considered would assist you in making better decisions. Here is the list of top best books on mutual fund:  

Bogle on Mutual Funds:  New Perspective for the intelligent investor  

It is one of the classic mutual fund investment books, which is intelligently designed to redefine the concept of mutual fund investing. Each chapter provides an opportunity to its reader to become a pioneer in mutual fund investment and strategically determine and select the top performing mutual fund to be included in the investment portfolio.  

Indian Mutual Funds Handbook: Guide for Industry Professionals and Intelligent Investors 

This book is a gem for those who want to invest in Indian Mutual Fund industry. It has a detailed explanation of how Indian Mutual Fund Industry has grown over the course of time, as well as how it’s outlook is going to be in the near future.  

Mutual Funds for Beginners by John Border: 

This book is highly endorsed for gaining a quick hold over the mutual fund concepts. For any beginner investor, it’s highly recommended to get an investment knowledge in easy language that can be quickly grasped and develops confidence among the investor to start their investment.  

The Millennial Guide to Success in Mutual Fund Investing by Jeremy Kho:  

This book provides stepwise information about stocks and mutual fund investment start right from basics. It provides an investor to learn favourable ways of achieving significant savings, earning additional income and retirement planning.   

How to make a Fortune through Mutual Funds by Ashu Dutt : 

In case, if the investor wants to get a decent return, then this book is a must read for the investor. It also helps in busting very concrete myth about mutual funds, so investor gets a full perspective before investing in Mutual funds.  

Mutual Fund Made Easy:  

This book is especially written for the novice investors and it’s a step by step analysis of how to invest in mutual funds. This book also gives a glimpse of how to manage risk while investing as well as the importance of diversification of portfolio and having a clear financial plan. 

Investing is a disciplined approach that needs constant evaluation in the strategy. For that reading a book will be quite valuable.  


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*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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