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Life is a learning curve. Traditionally, we prefer the common approach of learning i.e. books and real-life experience. We prefer different types of books depending upon one choice of subject. Finance is one such complex subject, which requires a lot of data, stats and complex terminology. Apart from books, there are other means to explore this complex world. Documentaries play an important role in understanding how the financial industry works. Financial documentaries are a great way to gain insight and knowledge. Let’s look at the top 10 must watch documentaries for traders and finance professionals.  

Trader -Paul Tudor Jones  

This documentary is based upon the famous hedge fund trader Paul Tudor Jones and how a typical day looks in a trader’s life. This documentary is somewhat old but provides a clear perspective on various aspects of trading.  

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street 

Quants play a crucial role in modern trading domain. With the rise of high frequency trading, it highlights the importance of the quants and computer programmer acting as the engine room of our global financial system.  

The Last days of Lehman brother: 

This documentary is a real-life based drama based upon the collapse of Lehman Brothers. It depicts the true incident, where heads of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks were summoned to an evening meeting by the US Treasury Secretary to discuss the plight of Lehman brothers. After a period of six months, the world financial market was on life support and government was about to pull the plug. It perfectly depicts the story of the collapse of one of the oldest and biggest investment banks in the world.  

 Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis: 

The documentary perfectly depicts the reason behind 2008 financial bubble burst as well as solution provided by the central bankers was to lower the interest rates and pump trillions of dollars of money into the sick system. But the solution itself was the problem, that’s why we had a problem in the first place. 

Enron, The Smartest Guys in The Room  

This documentary tracks down the fall of the Enron Corporation, one of the major American energy and commodity companies. In 2000, the company has claimed a revenue of $100 billion dollar mainly through the accounting frauds. The documentary sheds light on one of the biggest modern corporate corruption. The company was linked with several illegal schemes, including instigating the California energy crisis as a way to drive up utility prices at the expense of common American. 

Betting on the Market: 

The 90’s period was bullish and called as roaring 90’s in America. But it’s all started with dot com bubble and ended with mass euphoria for high flying tech stocks. This once in a multi generation great stock start bursting in March of 2000. US Central bank Fed policy of low interest rate also play an important role in building the momentum.  

Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve System: 

The documentary depicts the role of Money, Banking and Central bank like Federal Reserve role in running the world. People don’t have an idea about what the central bank does to the economy as well as the lives of the common individual. It also provides insight about how and why the federal reserves are founded and operated. 

MeltDown – The History of the Global Financial Collapse 

Doc zone has travelled the world from wall street to Dubai to China to investigate the secret history of the global financial crisis. It’s a story about the banker, who cause one of the biggest crashes of this century, the leader who unable to save it and ordinary families whose all-time saving get crashed over the course of time. 


97% Owned- Directed by Peter Joseph: 

This documentary represents serious research and verifiable evidence about the critical issue our economic and financial system. It provides a UK perspective the inner workings of Big Banks and central banks, the money creation process is virtually the same concept all around the world.  

Money as Debt: 

Money as Debt is a 2006 animated documentary film about the monetary systems practised through modern banking. It present the process of money creation by banks and its historical background. It also questions about the instability of the modern financial system.   


The Bottom Line: 

These documentaries are a source of inspiration and learning about the finance market. It also provides insight how ethics, culture and values still play a crucial role in building business or to carry trades. One should always be smart mover, but never try to fool the market 

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