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About Edelweiss Mutual Fund 

Edelweiss is known as leading financial service conglomerates that offer a robust platform to a diversified client base across global geographies and domestic. Customer centricity is one of the core objectives of Edelweiss. Helping customer(s) at every stage of their financial life, helping them grow, create & protecting their wealth are the goals of Edelweiss. 

About Edelweiss Dynamic Bond Fund 

It is a debt mutual fund scheme that was launched by Edelweiss mutual fund. Later on, it was introduced on 27th June 2008 to its investors. Currently, the fund is managed by Gautam Kaul, and Dhawal Dalal. Talking about AUM it is of INR 46 Cr, and, the latest NAV is of INR 22.04 (dated as of 24th April 2020). The fund growth is rated as moderate risk. Also, the minimum SIP investment is INR 1000, and, lumpsum investment is INR 5000.  

Investment Objective 

The objective of the investment is to generate optimal returns whilst maintain liquidity through active management of the portfolio by investing in money and debt market instruments. But, there is no such assurance that the objective of the investment will be achieved.  

Tax Implications 

Returns are taxed as per the Income Tax Slab, only, if sold before 3 years.  

Pros of the Fund 


  • Age is treated as more than 10 years 
  • 1-year returns are higher as compared to the benchmark 
  • 3-year returns are higher than the benchmark 
  • Exit load is ZERO 

Top Holdings 

Name  Sector  Instrument  % Assets 
Reserve Bank of India  Financial  T-Bills  80.0% 
ICICI Bank Ltd.  Financial  CD  8.4% 
Nabha Power Ltd.  Engineering  Debenture  4.4% 
SD Corporation Pvt Ltd.  Construction  Debenture  4.2% 
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd.  Financial  ZCB  0.5% 


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*Disclaimer: investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing

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