HDFC Mutual Funds SIP Plan – A Read

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HDFC Mutual Funds SIP Plan

HDFC Mutual Fund is known as one of the trustworthy names in the industry of mutual funds. This fund house offers a vast variety of retail investment solutions across numerous investment instruments such as debt, equity, etc. The overall trust in the house has been an outcome of delivering constant performance with many decades.  


The SIP or Systematic Investment Plan offered by HDFC is not only flexible, but can also be availed with ease. Therefore, it’s one of the better choices for those investors who are willing to create wealth through mutual funds. Currently, the rule states that one can easily choose to invest through ‘HDFC SIP’ for the time-period of his/her choice & can start with any amount as subject to the minimum requirement of SIP Investment.  

How Does HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Works? 

HDFC SIP works similarly as any other SIP; the investor needs to invest a fixed amount at HDFC mutual fund scheme at a particular time-periodAs per one’s own choice, the investor can either increase or decrease the time-period of SIP depending on the fund scheme they are investing in. The minimum amount of investment is INR 500.  

5 Best HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Plan 

There is an array of mutual funds offered by HDFC AMC that provides better returns to the investors whether one opt for lumpsum or payment through SIP. Given below are the 5 best HDFC mutual fund SIP plan wherein an investor can invest to create wealth & gain long term investment return. Here: 

  • HDFC Blue-Chip FundThis is treated as an open-ended scheme which invests in shares/stocks of large-cap companies. The fund objective is to provide a consistent return to investors. Thus, HDFC Blue Chip fund is a profitable way-out for investment for investors who have a moderate risk-appetite & who are willing to create wealth over a long tenure. 
  • HDFC Opportunity FundIt is also an open-ended scheme that majority invests in mid-cap stocks of equity & equity-related securities. It aims to provide capital-appreciation to the investors in a long period along with the benefit of high investment returns. Perfect for those who want long-term capital growth & have high-risk appetite.  
  • HDFC Liquid Fund: This scheme majorly invests in money and debt market instruments and the objective is to generate regular income through portfolio comprising many & debt market instruments. This scheme is best suited for investors who have low-risk appetite & want regular income over short-duration.  
  • HDFC Balanced FundThis fund is a mixture of debt & equity instruments, and; the objective is to generate regular income to their investors through a portfolio comprising money & debt market instruments. Best suitable for investors having low risk-appetite & willing to gain regular income over short-tenure.  
  • HDFC Small Cap FundThe objective of this fund is to generate long-term capital appreciation for investors by investing in money market instruments, equity derivatives and equity & equity related instruments.  

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*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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