Folio Number: The identification number of your Mutual Fund …!!

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how to check mutual fund status with folio number

Investment in mutual funds is on the rise. The number of investors investing in the mutual fund last year was close to 1.6 crore. Investors are investing in mutual fund despite having volatility in the last fiscal. These new investors have created a new momentum in the mutual fund industry. The fund industry has seen amazing growth over the last few years, growing by 83% from 12.62 lakh crore in Feb 2016 to Rs 23.16 lakh crore in Feb 2019. But still for a country like India, which has only 2% of the population investing in capital market, there is a lot of opportunity to grow. Awareness among the Indians about the benefits of investing in a mutual fund or other investment opportunities will be the key for the future of the Industry. 

Before Investing in a mutual fund, an investor should be aware about certain technical terms. One of the most important technical terms, which is widely used by the investors is Folio Number. Folio Number is a unique number like a bank account, which is used to identify an investor holding with the respective mutual fund. It basically represents your shares in a mutual fund scheme. This unique number differs from fund house to fund house. The main purpose of these folio number is to ease the work of cross-verification, so that there are no full/partial omission of any entry. The asset management company uses it to check the holding in the name of the person to whom the folio is related. An investor can make multiple purchase by using the same folio number within the same mutual fund. Let’s look at the various benefits of the folio number:  

  • It’s the easiest way of checking an investor’s investment in mutual fund. 
  • An investor can use this number to get a list of units invested in AMC instantly. 
  • It allows an investor to transact from anytime and anywhere. 
  • It helps the AMC to build a credible record system. 
  • It helps in saving time of investor on redoing kyc process by transacting with the same fund house.

The biggest puzzle for an early investor is how to find the folio number. There are various ways to find folio number. Earlier checking the mutual fund statement was the only way to find the folio Number. But these days there are other options available also to check the folio number.  

  •  CAS  

A CAS is a statement showing details regarding all the mutual fund holding across fund houses of an investor. It basically provides the complete information about mutual fund transactions made by an investor in a given period along with all the necessary details such as date of buying of mutual fund, NAV Value and market value etc apart from folio number.   

  • App or website of the AMC  

Investors can also find the folio number through app or website of the AMC. It is available on every e- statement.   

But it is always advisable to keep your portfolio number to yourself. This will help an investor to quickly check the fund performance and make decisions quickly in case of changing market conditions.  

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