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where to invest money to get good returns

There’s no shortage of investment recommendations out there. Right?

Your family have endless opinions. Your friend who is working for that ‘financial company’ has suggestions. The internet is full of write-ups claiming to know what you should be investing in. With all these, how do you decide whether any investment is worth your money or not?

You get your cynic mode on it and start asking a lot of questions:

Why should I Invest?

Should I invest now? May be next year.

What are the steps? Dayum! So complicated.

These questions will pop-up in your head like corns in the microwave. Obviously, nobody taught about investing in schools or any institutions. Yes, you can possess a degree in finance and learn about them. But, real-time investments are far away from what you have mugged up in the rusty books.

Although, there are multiple investment options available such as Fixed Deposits, ELSS, Mutual Funds, etc. and at the end, you get confused whilst making your very first investment.

  • What is the reason? Without having an end-goal in your mind you won’t be able to grab most of your investments. Honestly, you will not be motivated enough to take your first step, leave alone where you are even thinking to re-invest. So, make a habit of asking yourself the reason you are investing. It could be anything from saving for your marriage, child’s education, to buy a new house, an international vacay, or for your own retirement. Like this, the motive will be clear.
  • How much to Save? Before finalizing the amount of investment, make sure you consider how much you can save after deducting all your daily expenses.

Start calculating how much money you can save monthly. This ‘amount’ will be the amount you can afford easily to invest regularly. Congratulations!

TIP: Make sure you keep this amount separately to avoid any hurdle in your long-run investment. The time, you know is so unexpected.

  • Where are you Saving? Oh god! Are you saving in the traditional way? Putting money in a ‘Savings Account’ is not a bad idea, but it won’t give you good returns and you will just get the basic interest on your savings. It’s better to move to a better investment plan (based on your savings status).
  • What kind of Investments? There is no counting of investors nowadays. Some love to prefer conventional methods whilst others take high risks. So, based on your risk-profile, select the right product. Depending on the tenure of the investment will be another pointer to take care. There are some investments that have lock in periods. Do your research!
  • How much do you Earn? Another important point to consider is your earnings and based on this, the invested amount will be decided. If you are a salaried person, calculating your monthly earnings will be much easier as compared to the business person; they need to calculate an average number based on their earning throughout the year.

Thinking to start the investing? Good thought!


*Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme documents carefully before investing.

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