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Recurring Deposit (RD) is a savings option offered by banks in India that helps in planning your future. People with regular income can make a financial provision for their future by investing a certain amount of their income in a recurring deposit every month & earn rate of interest on those investments (as high as fixed deposits). The lumpsum amount (including accumulated interest and the principal) is paid back once your deposit matures.

Features of RD

Let’s look at some of the features of RD. Here:


  • It aims to inculcate a regular habit of saving amongst the public.
  • You can start RD with as low as Rs. 10. This varies from bank to bank.
  • The minimum period of deposit starts at 6 months and the maximum is 10 years.
  • The rate of interest equalizes to that of fixed deposit which is higher as compared to another savings scheme offered.
  • No pre-mature or midterm withdrawals are allowed. Though, the bank may close down the account before the maturity period with a ‘penalty’ for pre-mature withdrawal.
  • You can get an additional benefit of using the deposit as collateral for taking a loan.
  • RD can be funded periodically directly from your current or savings account through standing instructions given by you to the bank.


Factors to considered before opening RD:

Recurring Deposit provides a high rate of interest to provide investors with the good earning on their investments. But, the investor must choose the suitable RD scheme. Therefore, consider the following factors before selecting the appropriate RD scheme:


  • RD Interest Rates: Bank offers a high rate of interest on RD schemes. It varies from the deposit tenure, bank, and amount. For short tenure RD rates are similar to that of savings account, but, if you are opting for the longer term, you might get a high rate of interest. Also, for senior citizens banks provide the additional rate of interest. Try to compare and check interest rates for different banks just to earn higher returns.
  • RD Tenure: Whilst investing in RD, make sure to choose a recurring deposit with high-interest rate for the latest tenure.
  • Liquidity: The majority of investors consider liquidity as one of the important factors whilst choosing the right RD scheme. Therefore, it’s important to look for the financial institution or bank which offers high-interest rate with the low pre-mature penalty.
  • Eligibility for RD: Almost all Indian banks allow Indian residents, NRIs as well as HUF to put an account under their respective RD schemes. There are a few banks that even offer schemes for children (with guardians to take care of their finances). No matter which company or bank you invest with or the interest rate you receive on the RD, you can calculate the same with an RD calculator.
  • Recurring Deposit for Senior Citizens: Senior Citizens (above the age of 60 years) are offered a more beneficial RD rate of interest. NOTE: It differs from bank-to-bank.


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