Retirement Plans – Planned Enough?

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Retirement Plans

All those pension plans from insurance companies, Employee Provident Fund, Public Provident Fund, and National Saving Certificate are some of the saving instruments that come to mind whilst planning retirement. Most of us don’t make adequate plans for retirement and end-up depending on their sons and daughters. But, if you are ready to take a bit of risk but with better returns, then mutual funds are a great investment for all your retirement years. The early you start, the more corpus you will have when the ‘retirement’ time comes.  


A mutual fund is an investment tool that pools money from people and later invests it in a variety of bonds, stocks, and other investments. They are managed by ‘Fund Managers’, who hold expertise at managing investments and money.  


  • Money pooled from different investors  
  • Managed professionally  
  • Well-regulated by SEBI 
  • Allowing to invest in small amounts  
  • High returns as compared to conventional investing 
  • Access to large portfolios  

Mutual funds offer various benefits and features as an investment method, therefore, making it the lucrative investment option. Here:  

  • Beating the Inflation: As you turn old, the inflation rises, thus, making the cost of living higher by the time you are 60 plus. Simply means that you need to start investing that also grows at par along with the inflation rates. As per the situation, growth mutual funds are ideal. 
  • Low Cost: Mutual funds turn out to be an affordable investment option for those who don’t have the wish to make a large investment. You can start with as low as INR 500.   
  • Lock-in-Period: It differs for every mutual fund. For once, ELSS deals with the shortest lock-in-period i.e. 3 years. The longer the holding period, the better returns are consumed and vice-versa. For open-ended mutual funds, they don’t have lock-in-period; you can close and withdraw anytime.
  • SIP Option: If you are not in favor of doing lumpsum investment, you can invest in small installments known as SIP, it fosters financial discipline in investors. You can start with INR 500 to make your initial instalment with Gulaq.  
  • Goals & Focus: Everyone has a financial goal, it could be a long-term goal like retirement or a short-term goal as an international vacation. Also, different schemes focus on different outcomes and assets with varying risk-factors. Thus, making it easier for investors to drive money to different asset classes as per their goals and risk-appetite.   


As per Gulaq Methodology, 

Fund Name 
Tata Retirement Savings Fund (Moderate)- Direct Plan 
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Hybrid Debt Plan – Direct Plan 
IDFC Bond Fund Medium Term Plan(G) – Direct Plan 
Axis Strategic Bond Fund(G) – Direct Plan 
Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund(G) – Direct Plan 
HDFC Medium Term Debt Plan(G) – Direct Plan 



*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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