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Robo-advisors are ‘Automated’ investment platforms that end up handling the maintenance & construction of an investment platform for the user. All you need to do is open an investment platform with Gulaq, answer the survey about your goals, risk-appetite, expected returns, and the portfolio to look forward.  

Curious to know more about Robo-advisors? Take a read here:  

Technology has brought disruption in all domains. Finance is also one of the sectors which has been affected by the disruptive technology. Fintech is one such innovation which have totally changed the way the financial sector is traditionally being run. Transaction and advisories play a crucial role in the world of finance. Technological innovation such as blockchain has changed the way the transaction is conducted, and other innovation has changed the way advisory is done. One such innovation which has made breakthrough in financial advisory is Robo Advisors.   

Robo Advisors are financial advisors that offer investment advice online with little or without human interventions. It collects all sorts of information from clients about their financial goals, their present condition, future goals through an online survey and then they use the data to offer advice and recommendation automatically.   

The Functionality and rise of Robo Advisors  

The robo advisor main function is to advise people about their investment and helps in making strategy about investment. To activate it, go to a Robo advisory platform, after you need to fill out your personal data whether specify what financial aims you want to achieve and indicate your risk tolerance. Afterwards all the information, the software will create a portfolio for you, which it will manage on its own.  

How about forming the difference between Robo Advisory & Traditional Advisory? 

Robo advisors score above human advisors for the following points. Here: 

  • Less administration cost and low price for the investors to grab financial advice. 
  • Investors can easily monitor and track their portfolio without any hurdle. 
  • Convenient in the mode wherein investors can transact in 24*7 at their own reliability. 
  • Not to miss, robo advisors give you a platform to purchase and transact mutual funds online, thus, eliminating cumbersome paper work. 

The overall source: www.gulaq.com 

Furthermore, here: https://www.gulaq.com/robo-advisory-what-is-it-all-about/ 

The Benefits of Robo-Advisors 

  • Perfectly high quality way-out for your investment advising And Low-cost portfolios, thus making it efficient and economical.  
  • An easy mode to use – simply open an account, answer a survey according to your goals and a bit more. Ting! Your personal investment portfolio is ready! 
  • If you are investing within a slot of taxable amount, there are some robo-advisors that can help in increasing your after tax returns 

Howeverrobo-advisors are not financial planners, but can significantly help you in figuring out the investment portfolio on your goals. As mentioned abovethey come in a low cost, thus, making them one of the worthy investment planners. Also, not paying high amount for the same.  

Looking to invest? Hop on to gulaq.com and start investing in direct mutual funds. Furthermore, you can also get in touch: [email protected] 


*Disclaimer: investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing

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