Robo Advisory – What is it all about?

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If you ever wished for a robot just to clean your house, walk your dog or cook the food, you will likely understand the appeal of the best robo advisor. Of course, these services don’t do pet-sit or windows, but what they do is valuable which cannot be argued; a relatively hands-off way to invest in mutual funds.

What is Robo Advisory?

Try to imagine that all your investments are getting executed in just a click. Yep, this is now possible through robo advisory. But, what is robo advisory? It is an automated service which is programmed in such a way that it gives you financial advice with due respect to which financial products to purchase and how the process can be done. Basically, it is done with the help of scientific algorithms of various permutations and combinations which are particularly tested in different market cycles.

Robo Advisor in Fintech

We already know that financial advisory is one of the fastest sectors that are becoming transformational change. Also, robo advisors end up forming a technology that has and will impact the financial department in different aspects by offering advice on mutual funds, also minimizing both conflicts of interest and cost. With this technology, all mutual fund advisors offer financial advice or investment management using less-intervention since, it’s based on algorithms.

A Bit More

This class of advisors emerged as a body that is particularly offering to fill-in the gap between human-interaction, and so-called ‘pro-directed advisors’. Robo advisors are often looked as a breakthrough in wealth management for bringing services at low cost as compared to other financial management institutions.

How about forming the difference between Robo Advisory & Traditional Advisory?

Robo advisors score above human advisors for the following points. Here:

  • Less administration cost and low price for the investors to grab financial advice.
  • Investors can easily monitor and track their portfolio without any hurdle.
  • Convenient in the mode wherein investors can transact in 24*7 at their own reliability.
  • Not to miss, robo advisors give you a platform to purchase and transact mutual funds online, thus, eliminating cumbersome paper work.

What are your opinions regarding the same?


*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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