Reasons Stating – Why Should You Start Investing Now

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Why Should You Start Investing Now

The Best Time to Start Investing is RIGHT NOW; Yes, Really! 

Maybe you keep telling yourself you will invest when you make more money; or that you will get around to it ‘SOMEDAY’; or maybe you are worried the markets are quite shaky now, so you are sitting on the sidelines, precisely, waiting for a ‘best time’ to take the jump; or you think you will become hardcore expert before you can think about doing with something phenomenal with your money. 

Now, the thing is – Putting it off could literally cost you a lot more than you realize. Experts stated that somewhere around 40% of people have experienced the financial loss due to procrastination. Keeping that wait on, there is the possibility for you to miss-out some sweet financial gain(s). Now, the takeaway is the sooner you out your INR to work, the more you are likely to benefit for the long-term.  

STILL, if you want reasons why should you start investing, here are some: 

Reason 1: The Freedom: Investing is not about getting rich. It all about having the financial freedom of being able to support yourself without depending on the income. Now, the truth, at some point of time you will stop working. The only question that will pop-out whether you will be financially prepared or will be able to choose to stop on your own conditions. Nobody is going to give you money, you need to support yourself. Save up as much as you need.  

Reason 2Messed-up: The majority of people never start investing because they are worried about making a blunder. It makes them feel really BIG – You have to spend a lot of money, time & energy, and by any chance you fail to do, you might end-up a lot of money.  The truth is that for the initial days or months you are likely to end-up with less returns, but it doesn’t mean you will stop. Good or bad, they  won’t have much impact on much money you end-up with. Thing that matter the most is – YOUR SAVINGS RATE. The more you save early, you are likely to end-up more, even if the returns are not good enough.  

Reason 3Practice: It is said – Practice Makes Perfect. As time cross over, your money grows, your investment decisions will become important. The more money you have at stake, less will be time on your side, especially when you need it. Never forget that you keep on learning as you go around whilst making mistakes. The experience keeps on growing. Therefore, never stop.  

Reason 4Present Time: Today is the time. Yes, you read that right. If you are in your early 20s or 30s, every mentioned reason implies on you, but what if you are a bit older than that? Too late? NO way. Though, you cannot change the past, but you can start doing things right away. Every bit counts.  

Reason 5: Easy Start: Investing doesn’t have to be time-consuming or super-complicated. Also, you don’t have to be rich either. There are many ways wherein you can start investing like direct mutual funds. You can either go for SIP or lumpsum.  

Takeaway: There are many resources for you to invest-in, one of being is mutual funds. Remember, your freedom depends on it. Start planning!  

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