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Women, it’s Time to Invest now

The reality check – Women hear a lot about gaps: how to avoid the resume gap when you take a break to raise children, how to combat the pay gap, how to save money just in case if you are the only one and so on.

That ‘One Gap’ that is not discussed here is the Gender Investing Gap.

Women are less likely to invest than men – Here we go, the problem starts….

Once and for all, the theory states – An investment platform created by women just for women,’ all the assets that are controlled by women are either 70% in cash or NOT INVESTED at all. Statistically, women are nearly not to invest, and even those who think, literally wait until they are on the scale of becoming old.

Many women don’t think enough about investing to adequately grow their savings in a better way, they start investing until they feel financially stable and simultaneously, believe they can risk the level of losing money anytime. Thinking if this is the full stop? Well, it doesn’t look like the way you are imagining. Another misconception around investing is that you need to be an expert in this industry to become a pro (Is that so?) Like always, the reality states, there are numerous resources and tools available that simplifies the process of investing with ease. As little as your pocket allows OR for those who are still on the scale of getting the pocket money. What category do you come in?

Why Should Every Woman Invest? Socha hai Kabhi?

According to the survey, at-least 41% of women wish they would have invested a bit more of their money. Possible?

Why is it such a mandatory part of personal finance? Take the Tour:

Financial Equality: Foremost, it’s important for women to be able to wangle a sense of independence and financial equality. In the face of so many issues like the income tax and the gender pay gap, investing is certainly one of the best ways for women to ensure they are dormant enough to accumulate the same amount of money as men. Not the war, but it’s necessary to stand on the same road.

It’s crucial for women to be able to walk-by from situations that are either hurting them or not serving properly – whether it’s about a bad relationship or a bad job.” Having your own financial power to make every decision will make you care for YOURSELF.


Despite dealing with the stereotypical belief that women are not good investors, come on, they possess a few qualities that give them an edge in the market. One of the secrets showcase that, men are likely to behave like baseball sluggers, who swing with the flow for the fences, even it’s about running the risk of striking out far. Whereas, women are more like contact hitters, that is fully satisfied with a string of singles and so on.

Time to Choose the Right Investment Platform

If you don’t treat yourself as an investment expert (and honestly, even if you do), getting professional help is a good way-out. There are endless options for someone looking for one-on-one help for online investment or DIY. Make sure, you are careful to take the best pick with your money.

A Bit More:

  • Choosing a Fiduciary: Not all investment firms or brokers are bound enough to give you professional advice. Before finalizing anything or officially signing with any firm, make sure they put client well-being and security above their own personal gain.
  • Knowing their Strategy: Talk to the selected firm about their strategy for investments and everything else. There are some firms that craft customized portfolios that have a heavy hand in selection. Others use an automated system or a formula for choosing your investment(s). To the most, every platform and firm is different, so make sure you hit the best pot.
  • Consider your Pocket: Look at the minimum balance fees and requirements for each firm or platform you are considering. If you have a tight hold on your budget, it will be worth to find a platform like Gulaq, wherein you can choose the investment bucket according to your budget and needs.
  • Trusting your Gut: If you are getting an ‘off’ feeling about a platform or a firm you are considering, consider a big NO. Take your time, after all, it’s about your financial goals.

The list goes on and on…… What matters the most is whether you want to bridge the gender pay gap or looking to save for the retirement or may be just curious to grow your financial security and growth – Investing is the reliable option. So, this women’s day take a pledge with Gulaq and start investing in a systematic manner. Good Luck!




Disclaimer: Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme documents carefully before investing. 

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