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How many of you want to style the same accessories and clothes as your neighbors or friends? Not only your taste is different, but your size and fit will be different too. Of course, you want to feel and look different. But, when it’s about investments, why do you think that fixed deposits suit you because they suited your grandfather and father, or the mutual fund your friend bought, or the insurance policy your neighbor bought, is that what you also need? Just as your clothes are tailored, similarly, your investments need to be tailored to your requirements too. What may suit someone may not suit you, nor the results will be the same. This write up is about how you need to make investment decisions different from others.

  • Your Risk Profile is Different: As usual, your appetite for risk differs too. Whether or not you have loans to tend, a stable income, or other commitments; all these come under an effect on the risk you are willing to take. Some may have ancestral assets to take care of them in case of any loss, whilst you need to build your own assets. Some may be prone to the high standard of living whilst some may not afford. Taking care of all this will determine how much risk you can digest.
  • Your Goals Differ: The reality check states that our colleagues, friends or neighbors always have an influence on us undoubtedly. More often, you hear about a fund that gave good returns. Or how investing in a fund was not a good decision. Or the claim that a fixed deposit is a stressful option. The list goes on and on and you have multiple opinions coming from north, south, east and west. But deciding on that can be detrimental.

You may ask how your goal differs from others if you are saving for your retirement and so is your relative. Correct, there are some goals which are generic. Like wealth building, retirement, or education. But, do you have the same number of members who are dependent on you? Are you going to send your kids to the same school/college? Or do you have a similar lifestyle? There are different characteristics that make every goal different from others. You may start investing by the age of 30 whilst someone else started only at 40. As the time frame pass, you can sum up your portfolio risk. Rest, you are smart enough.

  • Dealing with your Investments Differ: Of course, there are certain behavioral aspects. Sometimes you forget the last date of making an investment or may be your bank account don’t have that certain amount to fill in the investment amount; reasons can be many. Therefore, choose the investment that is not suitable for you not because your friends told you about. Every limitations and risk should be considered and so should be strategies and opportunities. Prefer talking to the advisor to make sure you are on the smooth road.

Make every decision according to your lifestyle and needs.

Happy Investing!


*Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme documents carefully before investing.

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