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India has progressed way past saving wads of cash inside kitchen utensils. Modern India invests its money.

But the question is — Does India find it easy?

The problem

While we manage your tomorrow, you can live in the today.

If you’ve ever found a 100 rupee note in an old jeans pocket, you know the excitement of saving money. But what beats even saving? The idea of growing money.
Investing a decade ago may have entailed a lot of paperwork, bank visits, long queues, and application processing that used to take days. Thanks to digitisation, one part of the problem is solved. All you need now is some disposable income and a smartphone, to begin with.

However, findings tell that even financially literate people are reluctant to begin investing because they do not understand the nuances of the market.

Gulaq questions



The solution

Gulaq solves the bigger spectrum of the problem. We are a group of passionate IITians, Entrepreneurs, and Quant Experts with deep expertise in Finance & Technology — on a mission to accelerate India's transition towards #NayeZamaneKiInvestment.

Welcome to the world of Quant Investing. Get secure and easy access to algorithmically curated investment portfolios, based on an individual investor's goals and risk appetite.

Quick. Simple. Modern.

While we manage your tomorrow, you can live in the today.

Walk in nature, notice the leaves falling, feel the coolness of the breeze, cook pasta on a Sunday, take the dog out, indulge in a nice book, and make time for the family. Do all that and more. Because Gulaq cares.

Offering you a way to save the time & effort spent in researching and analysing the market. Simply invest in our ready-to-go portfolios. Now you have all the time in the world!

Brought to you by the best quant minds of India and financial experts with 12+ years of experience.