Introducing Gulaq Investing webinar series

We are delighted to bring to you, a Live webinar series on "Minimalist Art of Investing". The series aims to help investors build an efficient investment plan and avoid common investing mistakes.

The following themes are covered:

  • Asset allocation
  • Goal planning
  • Avoiding noise
  • Technical investing
  • Tax harvesting

Investment advisors add biggest value in behavioural investing for their clients. At Estee, we are having an AUM of 500 Crores+. Through this series, we would love to share our experience around investing and make you a better investor.

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Upcoming Episode: Estimating Savings Need & Potential

Date: March 29, 2023 | Time : 8 PM (IST)


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Gulaq Webinar Series – 2


Mr. Sandeep Tyagi

Founder and CEO, Estee Advisors

Sandeep has 30+ years of experience in portfolio management, analytics, and consulting. He pursued Bachelors in Technology from IIT Delhi and MBA from Columbia Business School.