‘Bonus’ – Where to Invest You?

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It’s that time of the year where BONUS calls for incoming happiness. That fat chunk is a good feeling, right? But, ‘Bonus Where to Invest You’ is the main question. Endless times, people just spend this money, or end up investing it to grow it immediately. Although, both mentioned criterions might not be the good use of your bonus money. How about taking a look at the following checklist?   

  • Emergency FundYou never know when unpredicted event(s) can occur, therefore, an emergency fund must be available. Typically, you should have at-least 6 months of expenses set as an emergency fund. It can either be your savings account or liquid funds. But, the purpose of an emergency fund is not to give you some returns, although, mutual funds are far much better as they give you good returns as compared to the savings account.  
  • Clearing your LoansIf you are overburdened with loans, it is a good idea to do their clearance first. Also, don’t forget to take tax-exemption on loans. Make sure nothing goes on ‘penalty’.  
  • For the Long-termBonus money can be used for long-term investments such as mutual funds. You can go for the Systematic Transfer Plan (STP). It will not only help in mitigating your risk to a considerable extent, but also helps in averaging your investment cost.  
  • The Big PurchaseEveryone dreams of car, big house, abroad vacation, etc. Therefore, one should keep aside money for these goals with a consistent saving and not using that money for something else, unless there is an emergency. Also, never dip into your child’s education goal for a vacation.  
  • Tax-savingThere are numerous ways wherein you can save tax under Section 80C. You can save some amount by utilizing your 80C Section limits. Depending on your risk profile and time horizon, you can invest in ELSS funds or PPF.  
  • NO One-shot If you are not an active investor and looking forward to your bonus investing, it’s better to put-off your money in chunks rather than going on for one shot. You can start with liquid funds, and then, invest the remaining in the next few months according to your comfort.  
  • Rewarding: Of course, this is one of the most important criterions; you have worked so hard for the bonus, thus, you do deserve a treat for yourself. So, never ever lose out the opportunity, always keep aside a pool of money to make yourself happy and proud.  

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*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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