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What is CAMS in Mutual Funds?

Cams stand for computer Age Management services. This is one of the biggest registrars and transfer agency operating in the country. They play a crucial role in the financial market. The role of the cams in the mutual fund industry to act as a service liasoner for the investor and issuers. They collect and process units of a mutual fund on behalf of their respective mutual fund company.

What CAMS do?

CAMS is a ‘Computer Age Management System’ that came into existence in 1988 as a mutual fund transfer agency. Ultimately, CAMS launched investor services under the banner ‘myCAMS’ and ‘digiSIP’, etc. just to provide investment services such as Systematic Investment Plan , New Fund Offer, Know Your Customer, redemption, investment, etc.

Also, CAMS is under the collective ownership of National Stock Exchange, Acsys Investments Pvt Ltd, and HDFC Group. CAMS collaborate with these fund houses to build user-friendly delivery service model to their investors.

CAMS Service Cycle

Apart from being B2B partner serving distributors and fund managers they also reach end customers through online portals and nation-wide network of service centers. They end up serving more than 60% of the mutual fund assets globally. Although, they have no legal authorization to recommend or offer mutual funds.

The following services can be availed from CAMS Online Mutual Fund:

  • Setting an Account
  • Processing Transactions
  • Data Management
  • Customer Service
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Commission Administration
  • Other Value-Added Services

CAMS Benefits / Advantages

  • CAMS online follow a sophisticated risk management method which is supervised by specialists.
  • CAMS cover somewhere around 250 locations and so on. This reach has helped manufacturers to reduce their expenditures. You can also approach CAMS service centers for infrastructure installation as well as maintenance service (after purchase).
  • The information of the customers at CAMS is highly protected and only the rightful owner can access the data for the same.
  • Whilst taking care of all the transactions of mutual funds, they help in enabling investors to subscribe either through an online or mobile app. CAMS KYC Online option is cost-free and instant.
  • Every mutual fund you invested is mapped to your investment portfolio. Make sure you give correct and active email id for the same.
  • All you need to do is register under CAMS Online once and for all; use that user id for all your mutual fund transactions (future).

How CAMS Work in Mutual Fund?

AMC requires a huge amount of data processed and storing a large amount of data. But all AMCs don’t have the financial strength to build their own facilities. Since CAMS Online has an existing system, it becomes quite cheaper and helpful to simply outsource the data storage and processing. They offer both online investment and offline for mutual fund companies. With the great convenience of service, they also provide the service of viewing all your portfolio at one place. You can also request for a consolidated account statement by submitting your request.

What is the CAMS Registration Process?

Registration process of CAMS is quite an easy one. An Investor can register using their respective email- id given to the portfolio. They can also register through the apps. Let’s look at the steps of the CAMS registration process.

CAMS registration process:


Frequently Asked Questions

Full Form of CAMs

CAMS stands for Computer Age Management Service. 

What is Fatca

Fatca is a global regulation to prevent people from tax evasion while investing in other countries.  

What is cams online fatca

Cams Online Fatca is a procedure through which an investor declares its investment outside the country. In order to do so, one needs to 

  •  Visit the CAMS online and then select AMC Name 
  • Then provide your PAN, Bank Account and Date of Birth Details.  
  •  You will receive OTP on the given mobile number.  
  • For field country to tax residency other than India.  
  • Select NO, if you are a resident of India.  
  • But in case, if your selection is YES, fill out the details there.  
  • After submission at CAMS, you get the submission details as shown in the image below.  

How to link aadhaar with cams

In order to link your Aadhaar with CAMS, one needs to visit the  

  • On the cams website, click on the Investor services on the top panel and then click on the “Link your Aadhar“on the left panel. 
  • A CAMS page written eKYC in 2 minutes will open.  
  • Write down your email, your PAN No, Your Mobile No and Your Aadhar No.  
  • Click on the submit button.  
  • Click on the fund houses, preferably all enter your registered mobile number and submit it to get an OTP. 
  • Enter OTP.  
  • You will get an acknowledgment on one’s email as given below. 

How to update cams kyc online

In order to update CAMS KYC, one need to visit the CAMS Website.  

  • First, go to the CAMS Website and then go to the investor service. 
  • Click on the Investor services and then go to the service request forms.  
  • Further click on request for updating email and phone number.  
  • One can also update the new folio number and other information such as an address, in case one has.  

How to open cams statement

First of all, go to the Cams website and then go to the investor service and then mail back services, put your pan number mail id and password. Afterward you will receive on mail id. Open the mail id and then click on the pdf and open it. 

What is cams investor

The Answer

What is cams and karvy

CAMS and Karvy are basically registrar agents. The prime functions are to keep the records of Mutual fund. Investors carry out multiple transactions such as buying, selling, exchanging, redeeming funds, updating certain personal information, etc. These agencies take care of all these activities, of the investors and store all the information. 

How to add other mf in cams

  • First, go to the CAMS Website. 
  • Click on Invest New Icon.  
  • Enter Your PAN, DOB.  
  • Select Mutual Funds, Gender, Tax Status, Mode of Holding, Mode of Payment & Bank details. 
  • KYC status will be checked  
  • Enter Nominee details. 
  • Select Scheme Name and Scheme Options.  
  • Further, enter the investment options. 
  • Capture proof of documents for bank mandate.  
  • Will be directed to the respective net banking.  
  • Again, log into your bank account, it will go directly to the payment option. 
  • Now, submit the request, the request for fund transfer. 
  • A Successful transition will reach RTA for further processing.  

What is emandate in cams

e-mandate is the digital process of registration under the CAMS. This service is available for both investors and distributors of mutual funds. In the digital process, the time has been shortened to 2 and 3 days.  

What is cams mail back services

Is CAM working offline

Yes, CAMS provide the service offline. 

How to get cams online mutual fund statement

In order to get the CAMS online Mutual Fund Statement:  

  • First, go to the camsonline.com 
  • Further click on the Investor service on the top menu.  
  • Choose Mail back service from the menu on the left.  
  • Click on Consolidated Account Statement. 
  • Please provide your registered email address and password.  
  • You will get the statement on the respective mail address.  

What is cams online ekyc

Cams online KYC or ekyc is a general procedure to do your KYC through online procedure. 

How to change address in cams

In order to change the address in Cams, the user needs to follow certain procedures:  

  • Go to the CAMS Website and then go to the investor service. 
  • Click on the Investor services and then go to the service request forms.  
  • Further click on request for updating email and phone number.  
  • One can also update the new folio number and other information such as address. 
  • Go to the address section and write down the new address.  
  • Click on the submit button.  

How to update mobile number in cams

To change and update mobile number in Cams. An investor must submit a duly filled and signed contact details updation form at the nearest CAMS service Center.  

How to download statement from cams

In order to download statements from CAMS. 

  • Go to the CAMS website and then further go to the investor service. 
  • Now click on the investor service on the top of the menu.  
  • On the left, select the mail back services.  
  • Click on Consolidated Account Statement.  
  • Please provide your registered email address and password. 
  • You will get the statement on the respective mail address within one hour.  
  • Afterward login through your mail address and click on the mail. 
  • Click on the download button to download the statement.  
  • Now open the document by using the password provided by you. 

What is cams kra

CAMS KRA is a KYC registration agency in India. It offers KYC service for all mutual funds, SEBI Complaint stockbroker etc. It is a process to verify the customer’s identity and is mandatory for customers buying products of any financial institutions.  

How to add portfolio in cams

In order to add a portfolio in cams, user needs to follow these simple procedures:  

  • One must login into their portfolio account with registered email address and mobile number.  
  • Afterwards, one portfolio maintenance page will be open and then under “Add New Transaction “should be filled. 
  • Add your portfolio, select the AMC and a fund house from the list.  
  • One needs to go back to the previous screen and add or edit the screen or add another portfolio.  

What is cams karvy

Cams and Karvy are two leading registrars and transfer agents. The prime purpose of these institutions is to register and mandate detail record of investor’s transaction on behalf of the mutual fund house. 

What is cams mutual fund

No, there is no CAMS mutual fund. CAMS is a SEBI Registered Register & Transfer agency. The role of the R&T agent is to maintain the records of the investors and facilitate investors request for various financial and non-financial transactions.  

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