Children's Education Planning

Children’s Education planning is one of the big financial goals for middle-aged employees. The plan can be influenced by a lot of factors like children’s age, cost of education, inflation, returns on savings, etc. With the help of this template, investors can account for majority of these factors and plan effectively.

Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, Founder & CEO of Estee, discussed this in our investing webinar series – Minimalist Art of Investing. If you would like to watch the session, do watch it here. Children’s education planning along with Retirement planning goals are covered in this session.

Factors considered in the Template:

  • Children Age
  • Current savings
  • Asset allocation
  • Inflation
  • Cost of education
  • Return on investments


Sandeep Tyagi

Mr. Sandeep Tyagi

Founder and CEO, Estee Advisors

Sandeep has 30+ years of experience in portfolio management, analytics, and consulting. He pursued Bachelors in Technology from IIT Delhi and MBA from Columbia Business School.