Food Menu for Investing

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Food Menu for Investing

Who would miss a delicious meal? You? No? We get that!

Eating right is one of the main reasons for human existence. The major portion of our hard-earnings goes into eating, eating, and repeat; but, eating therapy also teaches us investing and improving the ways of financial planning. How about giving it a read? Here:

  • Soup-Investing: The wealthy ingredients in a soup bowl provide a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates as well as minerals, and vitamins required to create energy, thus, keeping us firing on all cylinders. Now, let’s attach soup with investing by keeping well-defined funds for the emergency days. The avenues you can consider here with soup are Liquid Funds and online Mutual Funds. Providing you with good returns, and confidence of maximum liquidity in all.
  • Appetizer-Investing: Oh! My! My! Those appetizers get in a happy mood, thus making us excited about what all we have in the store. Investing in a small portion that you know will bring-in good corpus slowly and steadily. Carefully selecting an investment in SIPs mutual funds through a blend of debt, hybrid, or equity will give you a good return. SIPs also help in funding bikes, holidays, gadgets, etc.
  • Main Course-Investing: You can take the pick in food items stating various nutrients and of course that can make your taste buds happy. This is your chance to mix it up and nom for what suits your risk-appetite. If you are not reluctant towards risk, a good % of your saving/earning can go straight into the stock market. This slice of the pie can be partly invested with your own research and the remaining part can be left to investment advice.
  • Dessert in Investing: That sweet ending to a super-duper meal which leaves you with a sweet tooth after-taste. Now, that you are towards the end of the meal, mug it up with a low-value, but high importance investment. One should have a chunky plan to enjoy the tax-benefits (ELSS Funds). On that note, Desserts can also lead to diabetes. Just saying!

So, the key here is to choose what you like and decorate the plate accordingly. But make sure to fill-in the plate with eatables you can easily digest.

Ready for the meal?

Disclaimer: Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme documents carefully before investing. 

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