Trading Holiday of NSE in 2020 …!!

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holiday list of nse 2020

For stock Traders, the stock market is one of the most important places, where millions of trades take place on daily basis. India has two biggest stock market i.e. NSE and BSE.  

NSE stands for National Stock Exchange of India is the leading stock exchange in the country. It was established in 1992 and located in Mumbai. After his establishment, the entire atmosphere of Indian capital market has changed. It has strengthened the hand of authorities in making other exchanges aware of their social responsibilities.  

NSE is open on all working days excluding Saturday, Sunday and trading holidays. Trading holidays are basically those days in which the stock market is closed either due to national holiday or due to some festival. NSE notified trading members in advance about the trading holiday. There is also something Muhurat Trading which is held on the Laxami pujan. Let’s look at the NSE Trading Holidays in 2020.  

Holidays   Date       Day  
    Mahashivratri     February 21, 2020     Friday 
    Holi      March 10, 2020    Tuesday 
    Ram Navami       April 02, 2020     Thursday 
    Good Friday      April 10, 2020    Friday 
   Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar Jayanti       April 14, 2020    Tuesday 
   Maharashtra Day      May 01, 2020    Friday 
I  Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)     May 25, 2020    Monday 
   Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti     October 02, 2020     Friday 
  Diwali Balipratipada    November 16, 2020     Monday 
   Gurunanak Jayanti    November 30, 2020     Monday 
   Christmas     December 25, 2020     Friday 


Let’s look at some of the holidays on Sunday or Saturday   

Sr.No.  Holidays  Date  Day 
1  Republic Day  January 26, 2020  Sunday 
2  Bakri Id  August 01, 2020  Saturday 
3  Independence Day  August 15, 2020  Saturday 
4  Ganesh Chaturthi  August 22, 2020  Saturday 
5  Muharram  August 30, 2020  Sunday 
6  Dussehra  October 25, 2020  Sunday 
7  Diwali * Laxmi Pujan  November 14, 2020  Saturday 



Note: - Remember Muhurat Trading shall be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020 (Diwali -Laxmi Pujan). It will be notified to you subsequently.   

Trading happens in NSE during particular hours. Let’s look at the market timing of equity segment :  

Pre-opening Season:  

Entry of order and modification open: 9:00 hours 

Entry of order and modification close: 9:08 hours  

Regular & Trading Session: 

Normal/ Limited Physical Market open: 09:15 hours  

Normal/ Limited Physical Market Close: 15:30 hours

ClosingSession:The closing session is between 15.40 hrs and 1600 hrs.  


*Disclaimer: investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing

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