Smart Investment Tips – A Handful Book

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Smart Investment Tips

Life gets prickly, especially when it’s about investment returns. Wealthy investors keep growing their richness with their amazing tact, but there is no rocket science for learning investment games. A few smart investment tips can work wonders if followed rightly. Let’s make you a pro. Here: 

  • Planning & StickingIf investing is about money, it’s best to have a plan regarding the amount for investment and target corpus over a certain period. For goal-based investing – It can be planned future expense such as child’s higher education, retirement, marriage, etc., and saving for this can be the right thing to do. Wait! There’s more, your planned investment must be flexible to be modified according to your own changing requirements and also changing market scenarios. The best way for sticking to the plan is opting for a systematic investment plan from Gulaq. This investment route will allow you to make small investments, thus, making you stay invested in the long period without any stress.  
  • Realistic ExpectationsYou must have heard stories about people earning or generating good returns on their investments, honestly, this is just an exception. You need to have real exceptions from your investments and also, avoiding the movement of your money just for the high returns. Just keep in mind, that it takes time to make money, therefore, you must think about long-term prospects instead of short-term returns.  
  • Investment RisksWe know that every investment comes with risk as an attachment. Make sure you have the information about the risks-associated with every investment in order to make a reliable decision whether a given investment is good to go or not. Be patience before making any decision. 
  • Asset AllocationMaking regular investments is a virtue, although investing your savings every time can end up making unintended consequences. Allocation is about spreading money across many instruments – debt, cash, equity, gold, etc.to manage overall returns, liquidity, and risk. Earlier, when you had a few responsibilities, it might be okay to stay invested in low-liquidity instrument like equities. But, as your responsibility increases, you need to save money for emergencies. In short, try to include liquid investments like cash and debt schemes like liquid funds, and short-term debt funds in your portfolio. But, if you are not able to figure it out by yourself you can consult a financial advisor.  
  • Never Borrow: Never ever borrow to invest. You must have heard that the market movements are influenced by two emotions – fear and greed. Greed pre-dominates when markets are moving upwards, and a few people start speculating that the upward trend will continue. Whilst speculation itself is enough of a detriment to successful investing, and the worst part is when such speculation is fund with borrowed money. In case if you are thinking to borrow, ultimately it will hurt your financial well-being in the future term. Not a good idea for successful investments. In case, you are already dealing with debt, you should focus on paying-off those before any new investment.  

Hope, the given smart investment tips turns out to be good to go before you start investing. Good Luck with that!  

Let’s login into Gulaq.com and start smart investments.

*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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