Best Smallcase to invest

Best Smallcase to invest

A Smallcase is a collection of stocks. The smallcases are constructed by SEBI registered investment advisors. These smallcases are typically updated either monthly or quarterly depending on the market conditions and the investment approach of investment advisors.

Last few years have witnessed a huge interest towards equity markets from retail investors.

They have started investing in model portfolios offered through platforms like Smallcase and Wealthdesk. These model portfolios are called Smallcases on Smallcase and Wealthbaskets on Wealthdesk platform.

Just like how investors used to search for the best stocks to pick, now investors have started looking for top performing model portfolios or best smallcase to invest in.

In this article, we will take a look at one of the top performing smallcase offered by Estee Advisors – Gulaq Gear 6.

Gulaq Portfolios are backed by a strong research team at Estee, who have been in this business for about 14 years now. Estee is a pioneer in quant driven asset management and has over 125 quant and tech professionals.

Gulaq portfolios are based on a multi-factor investing approach, where the team tracks over 130 factors, including technical, fundamental and macro-economic factors. Because of the wide variety of the factors, Gulaq’s portfolios are one of the most stable and consistent performers.

The best Smallcase should ideally outperform the benchmark by huge margin in bull and bear markets.

Let’s have a look at how the Gulaq Flagship portfolio – Gulaq Gear 6 – performed in the bull market and bear market. Gulaq portfolios are launched in May 2020. Since then we have experienced a bull market from May 2020 to Oct 2021, and a bear market from Oct 2021 to Sep 2022.

Let’s start with the bear market. Markets are down for the past one year. Nifty MultiCap was down by approximately 8%, and so do most of the smallcases. But Gulaq Gear 6 delivered 16.5% returns in these bear markets. The following graph shows the returns comparison of Gulaq Gear 6 with Nifty MultiCap.

Gulaq Gear 6 Performance in Bear Markets

Post Covid-19, Indian Equities had a massive bull run. The retail investors doubled their wealth in a year roughly. Nifty MultiCap delivered 104.8% returns in the recent bull run. Arguably the golden phase for equity investors. Gulaq Gear 6 pulled off a magnificent performance, with its magical returns of 162.4% returns in the same phase. The following returns graph shows the comparison:

Gulaq Gear 6 Performance in Bull Markets

For a more detailed performance report on the best Smallcase – Gulaq Gear 6 – read the following blog.


Smallcase platform allows users to switch time periods ranging from last 1 Month, to Since inception. Gulaq Gear 6 Smallcase had outperformed Nifty MultiCap in every period available in Smallcase, a feat pulled off by only a few smallcases.


The following table shows the returns comparison in different time periods:

Time Period Gulaq Gear 6 Nifty MultiCap
Last Month
Last 6 Months
Last Year
Last 2 Years (CAGR)
Since Inception (CAGR)

Gulaq Gear 6 is the best smallcase to invest in owing to its reputation as an alpha generating machine. The smallcase delivered consistent returns across the market conditions.

Gulaq portfolios have introduced quant investing to the retail investors. With their impeccable quant investing skills, Gulaq team is becoming the genius at constructing top performing model portfolios i.e., the best smallcases.

Coming to the important question: What is the subscription fee and the minimum investment? Essentially is this portfolio affordable to retail investors?

Gulaq made their flagship smallcase – Gulaq Gear 6 – available to most of the retail investors. The minimum investment required is 24000, and it costs only Rs. 300 to avail their premium investment advisory services.

Gulaq Gear 6 is the favourite for a lot of Smallcase users, as the portfolio is outperforming benchmark consistently, allowing investors to invest at a lower entry point, and providing the most economical subscriptions in the market.

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